Background Details

Following a science education that culminated in an M.Phil. degree in the Pharmacy Department at Aston University, I moved into applying microprocessors to engineering problems. I was a founder member and Systems Director of Comendec Limited. Even though this was during the 1980s and early 90s, some of the projects are still in use today (see the photo gallery for an example).

After Comendec closed in 1992, I went on to help set up the Vector Networks office in Tamworth, Staffordshire. Vector Networks produces PC network management solutions. I was project team leader for the PC-Duo Remote Control product, which gained a reputation for performance and quality, and a worldwide customer base. I provided technical documentation and online help and was responsible for the localisation of the software and documentation into five languages, including Japanese. I was also responsible for the localisation of Vector's PC-Duo Enterprise asset management software package and wrote the InstallScript and Windows Installer packages for PC-Duo Remote Control and Enterprise and created the CD autorun and production CD images for both product ranges.

Since leaving Vector, I have been learning:
HTML, CSS and XHTML (using Head First HTML with CSS and XHTML by Eric and Elizabeth Freeman),
C# (using Head First C# by Jennifer Greene and Andrew Stellman),
PHP and MySQL (using Head First PHP & MySQL by Lynn Beighley and Michael Morrison),
Java (using Head First Java by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates) and
Design Patterns (using Head First Design Patterns by Eric and Elizabeth Freeman).

There is no Java or PHP in this web site, but it is pure XHTML v1.0 Strict.

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